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Parkour training teaches coordination between mind and body, using physical skill and mental fortitude to overcome any obstacle in your life. Parkour practice trains your body for quick, efficient movement and your mind to see each obstacle as a challenge to overcome.


We break our students into colored Ranks, similar to the colored belt system of martial arts. Signified by a wristband or hero shirt.


Safety & Foundation



Flow & Application


Adv. Skill & Technique



Professional Performances




11:30A,  1:30P

3:30P,  4:30P

6:30P,  7:30P


11:30A,  1:30P

3:30P,  4:30P

6:30P,  7:30P


11:30A,  1:30P

3:30P,  4:30P

6:30P,  7:30P


11:30A,  1:30P

3:30P,  4:30P

6:30P,  7:30P


11:30A,  1:30P

3:30P,  4:30P


9:00A,  10:00A

11:00A,  1:00P


11:00A,  1:00P

2:00P,  4:00P


Parkour classes are broken into four Events: Floor, Vaults, Walls, and Bars. Each Parkour class is centered around one event at a time, focusing on learning skills specific to that Event. The more classes enrolled in per week, the faster skills can be learned.

Parkour classes have seven different Ranks, each progressively building on the skill learned in the last Rank. All new students begin in White Rank classes, regardless of age, gender, or prior experience. 


The Firestorm Curriculum has been designed to teach students safe and controlled movement first, followed later by flashier tricks and flips. Dozens of coaches, teaching thousands of students over more than a decade have worked together to create the most well-rounded Parkour curriculum anywhere in the US.


FLOOR – Safe, controlled movement is the most important foundation in both parkour and freerunning. This class trains the coordination and body awareness needed to move on all four limbs, roll, stride, and jump with precision landing. Higher Ranking Floor classes teach tumbling, flips, and higher more powerful jumps. This is the class where students will learn how to do a backflip.


VAULTS – Conquer the obstacles in your path by applying jumping skills with hand/eye coordination and adapting body movement to run smoothly and vault over obstacles. Students learn how to use their body’s momentum to launch themselves over low obstacles with efficient and flashy moves. This is where students learn horizontal efficiency.

WALLS – This class teaches how to scale low to high walls efficiently with proper technique, protecting elbows, knees, and faces while developing aerial awareness. Students learn to overcome large obstacles with quick and efficient movement, getting up, over, and down with ease.

BARS – Bars class teaches from the ground up, literally. Students learn to balance on and overcome, low rails before swinging and climbing on higher rails. In this class, upper body strength is built and spatial awareness is developed. This is how students become the king of the Jungle Gym.


Our professional coaches have developed our curriculum to ensure you progress through learning as quickly and safely as possible.​

The Firestorm Family believes that through hard work, perseverance, and seeing obstacles as challenges to help you grow, each and every student can shape themselves into the Hero of their dreams.

We are trained to teach people of all ages and fitness levels to learn this exciting new movement and art form.

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