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BACKflip workshops

Flip Your World Upside Down: Master the Backflip with Us!

Unlock the Backflip: Dive into our 90-minute clinic focused solely on mastering the backflip. Perfect for all ages, from complete beginners eager to learn to those looking to perfect their technique. Join us, and let's flip together!


Step by Step Mastery

Unlock the secrets of a flawless backflip with our structured approach, breaking it down into essential components: the takeoff, the flip, and the landing. Our clinic leverages specialized equipment and targeted drills, meticulously designed to refine your body positioning, timing, jumping prowess, and landing techniques.


Accelerate your Progress with Dedicated Focus

Dive deep into the art of the backflip with our specialized class, where the spotlight shines on one skill only: the backflip. This singular focus empowers our coaches to zero in on technique, offering personalized guidance that propels you towards mastery at an accelerated pace. Unlike regular classes or open gym sessions, our backflip clinic is designed to fast-track your learning, ensuring you achieve your flipping goals swiftly and safely.

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Hands-On Guidance from Pro Coaches

Our expert coaches guide you through each step of learning a backflip, employing hands-on spotting techniques to ensure your safety every step of the way. With our personalized approach, you'll gain the skills and confidence needed to execute a backflip on your own, in a secure and supportive environment.

Don't Miss Out: Secure Your Spot in Our Backflip Clinic!

Our Backflip Clinic is a crowd favorite and consistently sells out! To ensure you don't miss this opportunity to master the backflip with our expert coaches, early registration is crucial. Secure your place now and guarantee your spot in one of our most sought-after workshops. SPACE IS LIMITED. AND IT ALWAYS SELLS OUT EARLY.
Act fast – your backflip breakthrough awaits!

2024 Backflip Clinic Dates

Minimum Age 7 - Any Age, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Spaces limited!!

June 7th

August 16th

October 18th

December 20th

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Sign up for the Backflip Workshop!

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