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winter CAMPS

Tailored for Parental Peace of Mind and Packed with Unmatched Fun for Kids 

This Winter Choose Your Child's Adventure: Screen Time at home or...

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Role Model Coaches

Our coaches at Firestorm Freerunning inspire kids by working closely with them, helping navigate personal challenges and fears. Through goal-setting and step-by-step guidance, children learn to conquer new skills. This journey fosters admiration for coaches and builds deep bonds among camp peers.

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Building Friendship through Play

At Firestorm Freerunning, children engage in daily team-building activities, learning the value of support and collective achievement. The power of cheering for each other and rejoicing in shared victories cultivates strong friendships, making new, lasting connections a natural outcome of the camp experience.

Obstacle Courses, Games, and Learning

Each day our coaches introduce new movement techniques and safety tips, which are immediately applied in exciting obstacle courses and parkour games. This play-based approach ensures children master skills while having fun.

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Creating a Love for Movement

Parkour's play-centric approach at Firestorm Freerunning nurtures a lifelong passion for movement and shapes a strong athletic identity in kids. They learn that with determination, practice, and motivation, any goal is within reach.

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What to bring to Camp

For each day of camp at Firestorm Freerunning, please remember to pack a nutritious lunch, a refreshing drink, and a snack to keep energy levels high. We encourage the use of reusable bottles, as we provide a filtered water bottle refill station for your convenience.

Dress for success in comfortable athletic wear that allows for unrestricted movement, and ensure you have athletic shoes equipped with a reliable rubber grip for safety. To prevent any accidents, we kindly ask that all jewelry be left at home.

2024 Winter Camp Dates

Ages 4 - 14 ,  Half Day Camps 9am - 12pm , Full Day Camp 9am - 3pm

All Camps run Monday, Thursday and Friday

 spaces limited to the first 30 Sign Ups

Monday, Dec 23rd

 Thursday, Dec 26th

 Friday, Dec 27th

Monday, Dec 30th

 Thursday, Jan 2nd

Friday, Jan 3rd

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