The Firestorm Competition Team is a group of Firestorm Athletes, kids and adults, who receive weekly specialty training to compete in local and interstate Parkour Competitions. Athletes will learn to utilize the skills taught in their regularly scheduled Parkour Classes for use in the three categories of a Parkour Competition:


As the 2021 competition season approaches we are no longer accepting new comp team members at this time.​

applications will re-open after the 2021season. For more info and to follow the competition visit:

Thank you

What lies ahead

Skill Challenges: Athletes will learn to use their skills in precise and advanced scenarios to overcome set Challenges that escalate in difficulty. The more difficult the Skill Challenge, the more points it is worth. Athletes will train to take their existing skills to an advanced level where they can be used in ever increasingly difficult scenarios.

Speed Course: Point A to B Obstacle Course racing. Athletes will learn how to defeat obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner. Endurance, strength, and reaction speed will be worked on until an Athlete is able to react to and overcome incoming obstacles without losing speed or focus.

Freestyle: Athletes will learn to use their personal style of movement and skills to create unique Lines. Lines are a connected sequence of skills that flow into one another, showing of an Athlete’s style abilities. Freestyle is generally judged based upon: Flow, Creativity, Difficulty, and Execution of skills in an Athlete’s Line.

Team Membership

Membership as an Athlete in the Firestorm Competition Team must be earned. Being an Athlete requires dedication, work ethic, and striving for self improvement beyond what is expected from your normal Parkour class. As a Team, Athletes will learn to push one another, build respect for themselves, their bodies, and their Teammates, as well  increase their mental and physical fortitude.

Athletes are expected to show up early or on time, keep absences to a minimum, and arrive with a positive attitude ready to learn and work hard. Athletes will be pushed physically and mentally.

To join the Firestorm Competition Team you must:

  1. Be a Green Rank or higher in Parkour Classes.

  2. Have a current Firestorm Membership.

  3. Show hard work ethic and ability to follow your Coach’s directions.

  4. Be able to make weekly team practices.

  5. Come to most, if not all, Parkour Competitions.

  6. Fill out the Firestorm Competition Team Application.

Training and Competition Schedule

Team practice is every Friday (excluding Holidays and the Friday before a Competition) from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Competitions are currently held 4 times a year at Firestorm Freerunning and Freedom in Motion gyms. We are currently working with two other local Parkour gyms to join our competition circuit. Competitions are held generally in January, February, August, and October.

Team Training Cost

Team training comes at a cost of $195/month. This will cover Team Uniform, weekly 2 hour Comp Team training sessions, and a MAX CLASS MEMBERSHIP, allowing Athletes access to each and every class at Firestorm. This gives Athletes the ability to take as many classes as they can handle as well as learn from each class type and discipline we offer at Firestorm.
We are a family at Firestorm and this means we do not leave anyone behind. If you are accepted onto Team, and show through your work ethic that you truly want to be here, but cannot afford the cost, you can apply for a Team Scholarship.

Team Scholarship

For any child or adult Athlete on Team who is unable to afford Team dues do to financial hardship, you may apply for a Team Scholarship. Scholarships will waiver a portion or the full amount of the Team Membership cost. Scholarships must be earned. Scholarships require a minimum of 10 hours of scheduled Gym Community Service each month. Community Service includes: office work, gym and equipment cleaning, assistant coaching, assisting camps, wherever Firestorm needs a helping hand, etc.


Monday - Thursday          11:30-8:30

Friday                                 11:30-5:30

Saturday                            9:00-2:00

Sunday                               11:00-3:00


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