Winter Silks Recital Information!


Silks Recital on Saturday, December 3rd!

Theme: Heartfelt Letters 💕 

Doors will open at 6:30 PM with showtime beginning at 7 PM. In order to prepare for the recital we will be offering a variety of workshop dates to prepare and create the routine to appropriate music of your choosing! This is the perfect opportunity to dress up and show your friends and family all you have learned training in your silks classes so far. Below you can see the pricing, workshop dates, and a special costume session hosted by Coach Natasha A! 

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 11.51.22 AM.png

Registration for the recital includes one free rehearsal which is only valid for September 12th and 16th time slots, and of course a free technical dress rehearsal  hosted on Friday Evening December 2nd. Once we have the official start time for the technical dress rehearsal we will inform all of our participants!

The costume session cost includes the purchase of a costume and a workshop!


Your costume will be purchased by Coach Natasha in accordance with your music and routine. If you would like to prepare your own costume you can per usual, but it MUST be aerial silk safe and approved beforehand. This ensures the safety of both our beautiful silks and yourself when performing! If you do wish to purchase a special costume you can give Coach Natasha some colors and ideas you have to help her pick out the perfect fit!

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Above you can see the list of dates and times we are offering rehearsals for! Since we will be closed on Thanksgiving the 24th and 25th, we will be offering makeup rehearsals on Sunday November 27th starting at 9:15 AM and 11 AM. 

Please note the costume session will only be held on October 17th and 21st! The times for the costume session are the same as the regular rehearsal times. This means we will not be offering the regular rehearsal on those dates but the costume session only. 

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This graph depicts what variety of routines each rank is able to perform!

White Ranks will be paired with other performers in their similar skill level for either a duo or a group of 3-4. Of course you and your friends will still get to choose your own music and do your own skills, but you get the awesome opportunity to show off your skills together!


Orange Ranks in silks may perform in a group or duo as well! If you are an Orange Rank then a solo routine can be done with the approval of Coach Natasha only


Green Ranks or Blue Ranks+ in silks are allowed to perform in groups, duets, solos, or using non-silk apparatus' such as the lyra or straps!

If you have any questions please reach out to so either Coach Natasha or one of our awesome office staff can answer your question(s).


We thank you for your interest and look forward to the lovely routines presented on Saturday, December 3rd! ☺