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Why should I choose to train at Firestorm Freerunning & Acrobatics?

For two main reasons, the Coaching and the Culture.
At Firestorm, we are dedicated to helping create the best, most well rounded athletes, while having fun! Our culture is about learning from, and teaching, one another. Our goal is two fold: We want you to have FUN, and learn something new every time you come train with us! All Firestorm Coaches undergo our own personal 3 week Coaching Certification training for each class type they teach. Every 3 months our Coaching team undergoes personalized class management, skill teaching, and spotting safety training under the supervision of our Regional Manager, Justin Taylor, who has 2 decades of professional Coaching experience under his belt.

What do I need to do before coming to train at Firestorm?

Before coming to train with us make sure to fill out our online waiver form. If you are under 18 you must have a parent, or legal guardian, fill out and sign your online waiver form for you. Schedule your first class online, or give our office a call to find an appropriate class time for you! Show up to Firestorm 15 minutes before your first scheduled class to meet your coach, learn the rules, and get ready for an hour of fun! Click here to begin signing up!

How do I take a trial class? Can I take classes without being a member?

Everyone is welcome to take classes at Firestorm! To take classes without a membership you will purchase a Max Class Day Pass. It is $45 and allows a student to take as many available classes and open gyms that they are age/rank appropriate for. This the best way to take classes from different coaches, and try out the many different programs that Firestorm has to offer. The $45 from your Max Class Day Pass also gets credited towards the one time $95 Registration Fee when you sign up for a full membership.

What should I wear to class?

Make sure to wear clothes that you feel comfortable moving around in. You will not want to wear any jewelry or clothing that may restrict your ability to move, or anything so loose it may get caught on a bar or edge of a wall. Make sure to bring closed toed Athletic SHOES with you. Shoes that are lightweight, flexible, and have grippy bottoms are best. Do NOT wear sandals or crocs.

What is Parkour? What is Freerunning?

What is Parkour? What is Freerunning? These two terms are used interchangably to describe physical movement connecting running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and rolling. They do have some technical differences though. Parkour is all about efficient body movement. Imagine racing through an obstacle course, moving over and through obstacles as quickly as you can. Parkour teaches you how to move as efficiently and effectively as possible. Parkour is a race! Freerunning focuses on exploring creativity through movement. This is the time to let your imagination take flight. We take parkour as our base and mix on twists, flips, inversions, tricking, and tumbling to create aesthetically pleasing body movement. Freerunning is to Parkour as Breakdance is to Ballet.

What age do I have to be to train? Am I too old/young?

Training can being as young as 4 in our Little Heroes class. Our Parkour/Freerunning classes are offered for all students’ ages 7 years and have no upper limit. We have students in their 60s training here at Firestorm. Our classes and curriculum were designed with all ages and body types in mind. We start small and build progressively to maintain positive improvements and safety. We believe that at any age you can learn progressively and move for life. Our facility was designed for kids, teens, adults, and big kids of all ages!

Is Parkour/Freerunning safe?

We purposefully designed our facility to make parkour and freerunning more accessible to people of all ages and body types. The most important tenet of parkour and freerunning is to make sure you are well prepared to avoid injury. Our color ranks (skill curriculum) were carefully put together to safely teach and learn the basic skills in parkour. In fact, the first two ranks (White and Orange) are completely comprised of safety oriented skills. After students have mastered these skill and have them signed off by their Coach, they will progress to Freerunning. (Green rank and higher, flips and twists) Everything in our classes and curriculum are designed to take you safely from your very first class all the becoming a professional acrobat! It is our mission to teach people these tenets and how to respect their bodies and their environments in ways that will help them develop safe and healthy training habits.

Do you offer special events, birthday parties, or Parents Night Out?

Firestorm offers all kinds of additional fun training and learning opportunities each month! We offer Parents Night Out every 2nd Friday of the month from 6:30pm – 10:30pm. Drop off your kids for a night of Parkour, Ninja Warrior obstacle courses, games, LEGOS, pizza dinner, and a movie on our projector screen. $45 per child, $25 for siblings. Camps are offered on every Federal Holiday, almost every week in the summer time, and during Winter Break. Running from 9:00am – 3:00pm, camps include classes, games, obstacle courses, ninja warrior, trampoline, crafts, NERF, and much, much more. Through the year we host Parkour and Freerunning competitions against other SoCal Parkour gyms. Competitions are broken down by age or skill requirements and allow athletes to compete in speed, skill, and freestyle events. We also host Aerial Recitals, special guest speakers, Parkour Jams (indoors and outdoors) and more!

How do students level up?

Our curriculum has 7 color levels, each one building progressively upon the last, to build you from the ground up. (White, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Black) Each new students begins their journey as a “White Rank”. Both the White and Orange Rank classes focus primarily on safety techniques and body position/awareness. Once you have mastered all the skills for your level, you will be awarded the next rank. Moving up to a new rank unlocks new skills to learn! White- Beginner and Safety skills
Orange – Intermediate and Safety skills
Green – Intro to Freerunning, Advanced Skills
Blue – Intermediate and Beginner flips
Purple – Intermediate Flips and Flow
Red – Advanced Flips and Flow
Black – Professional Stunt Man, Acrobat, Ninja Warrior, or Freerunner Read this Blog on Ranking Up and Curriculum Cards to learn more.

What is Open Gym?

Open Gym is a open, all inclusive training time for adults and kids, beginners, students, and masters off all athletic backgrounds. Unlike classes with organized training, during Open Gym all equipment and areas of the gym are open for training, exploring, and playing. This is the time to collaborate with other students and practitioners and have fun trying new ideas or spending extra time refining skills learned in classes. SUPERVISED FREEPLAY! We offer two types of Open Gym. Family Open Gym (4+) and Adult Open Gym (18+) Open Gym is $10 per visit for both Kids and Adults, $1.00 per visit if you are currently enrolled in classes. For current Open Gym schedules, click this link: OPEN GYM SCHEDULE

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$95 Registration Fee is due when signing up for all class memberships

Trial Classes are the $45 Max Class Day Pass and will be credited towards the

one-time $95 Registration Fee!

All memberships include $1 open gym sessions, a white rank shirt, and a wristband!

Max Memberships include free open gyms and 20% off all events!

Membership fees are charged once per month on the 1st of each month!

4 Months
1 year
2 Years
1 Class/Wk
2 Classes/Wk
3 Classes/Wk
Max Classes/wk


Learn more about our charter program here.

1 Class/Wk
2 Classes/Wk
3 Classes/Wk
Max Classes/Wk


Family Open Gym
Adult Open Gym
10 Pack


For all charter students not using charter school funds and paying out of pocket too!

1 Class/Wk
2 Classes/Wk
3 Classes/Wk
Max Classes/Wk


Max Day Pass
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At Firestorm you can "Become a Hero". In that process, everyone will need to know how far along you are on your journey up the Ranks. In order to make sure you’re getting the proper training for your skill level and experience, we need the coaches to be able to safely, and clearly see what you’re ready to learn.

We break our students into colored Ranks, similar to the colored belt system of martial arts. Instead of colored belts, we use colored silicone wrist bands and Hero Shirts. Each new student starts off as a white band/shirt, or what we refer to as a Spark. As your skills and abilities continue to grow they will be tested to see if you are ready to move on to more advanced skills and new areas of the gym.

Below you will find details about each Rank as they pertain to our Parkour classes. However, each class has their own unique set of skills required to level up.

WHITE/Trainee: This Rank focuses on the natural human movements needed to overcome small obstacles in a quick and efficient manner. White Rank teaches the foundational skills and body positions to create long term safe movement, protecting joints, faces, and organs.

ORANGE/student: Foundational White rank skills are built upon to create a well rounded, safe and capable Traceur (practitioner of Parkour) Parkour skills are taken from a low to the ground setting and raised to teach students to overcome obstacles taller than themselves. This Rank finishes the foundation of basic Parkour.

GREEN/apprentice: This Rank is the introduction to Freerunning skills. Here students begin to develop their own personal style of movement, introducing front and back flips, spins, and flashy moves into their training. Vault training begins to string multiple vaults in sequences as Walls training adds flash in overcoming larger obstacles. Swinging and release moves from Bars training begins.

BLUE/Agent: At this point, students begin to lean speed and efficiency with their movement. The concept of "Flow" is introduced, the ability to connect movements without loss of speed or inertia. Beginner flips are now preformed by students on their own. More advanced swings and dismounts from bars and rails are taught.

PURPLE/Sidekick: At this Rank, students have the control and power to begin learning double and trick vaults over objects. Flip training progresses to wall flips and spins. We begin to mix all of our basic areas of training into one, allowing movement to cross over from bars, vaults, tumbling, and wall flips into one continuous movement.

RED/hero: Now students begin the big tricks. The concept of spinning while flipping is introduced, leading to high level slips and acrobatics.  A focus on razor sharp precision with larger jumps and vaults is needed.  Skills from Tricking, Tumbling, Breakdance, and Calisthenics are introduced and mixed with Parkour skills to create new Freerunning movements.

BLACK/pro hero: To achieve the Black Rank a student must utilize their Parkour and Freerunning skills in a professional setting. Black Ranks must be brave in the face of fear and be capable of performing their skills in any situation. Black Ranks focus on mastering additional class types, such as Tricking, Tumbling, Calisthenics, and Breakdance to continue to build upon their parkour and Freerunning training.

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The West Coast Parkour Championships is an annual series of Parkour Competitions with one competition held each month at a different Parkour Gym.

Each competition host three events (Freestyle, Speed, and Skills) Each competitor competes with other Freerunners in their age bracket (7-12 yrs, 13-17 yrs, or 18+)

With each featuring unique equipment, layouts, and their own styles of each event, no two competitions will ever the same.